Your morning briefing

Your morning briefing


Premier Kathleen Wynne is off to Edmonton today, joining her fellow first ministers at their weed-themed Council of the Federation meeting. But, as with every party, there's always that guy who wants to talk about the constitution. You know how it is, amirite? Anyway, the constitutional chatter will be coming from Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, according to the The Canadian Press, which also reports that NAFTA and trade will be big topics of conversation at COF. QP Briefing will be there to cover the conference, so stay tuned.

The Summer of Stances continues for Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown. Today, he's in the pages of the Toronto Sun to re-announce that a Tory government led by him would crack down on "sweetheart deals for wind or solar insiders" and "put an immediate freeze on any new energy contracts that force Ontario families to pay for hydro they don’t need." No more sticking to sports for Brown's writing career.

Our stories from Friday:

According to the Toronto Star, provincial police and health officials gave unlicensed care homes in Toronto a pass because there's nowhere else to house their residents. This despite reportedly "deplorable" conditions.

A Northern Ontario First Nation is still struggling with a suicide crisis, the Globe and Mail reports.

Ontario's municipal affairs minister is keeping an eye on the strange goings-on in Whitchurch-Stouffville, CBC reports. Presumably that includes the mayor's mysterious "CSI-style" photo collage.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water . . . you read this story about freshwater jellyfish. However, these jellyfish are only freaking people out, not stinging them.

A book's been written about "a dramatic robbery and bomb explosion" in Kenora back in 1973, CBC reports.

Northern Ontario is on fire, albeit to the extent that the province is still sending help out west to beleaguered British Columbia.

In the opinion pages:

  • The Toronto Sun prods the Progressive Conservatives to roll out an alternative to the Liberals' hydro plan
  • Patrick Brown's "growing pains" could be something more, David Reevely writes


9:30 a.m.

The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs will meet in London for a public hearing on Bill 148, An Act to amend the Employment Standards Act, 2000 and the Labour Relations Act, 1995 and to make related amendments to other Acts. Livestream here:


7:45 p.m.

Premier Wynne and fellow premiers to attend a welcome reception for the 2017 Council of the Federation Summer Meeting. Art Gallery of Alberta, 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton.

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